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Thursday, November 29, 2007


The contributor was responding to my article esp the one on "THE ZIMBABWE INTELLIGENCE FORCES AND THE ZIMBABWE CRISIS"

The idea of an armed input into the present crisis is shunned by many who individually view any such suggestion through contemporary eyes that are unskilled, untrained and often fearful eyes.

We must be mindful and sensitive that previous experience of war / violence and a desire for self preservation has created in the national psyche a sense of extreme fright, individualism and selfishness which is SUSPICIOUS OF CONFRONTATION, AND VIEWS IT AS A GENERALISED WAVE OF MINDLESS DESTRUCTION.

Thus many Zimbabweans are more predisposed to the opposite yet still dangerous extreme of allowing gross abuses rather than resisting them.

When this outwardly noble yet wholly dangerous version of an extremist pacifist tendency is coupled with

1) Individual fear which has bred in many a deep-rooted sense of selfishness that normalizes and justifies a state of high moral cowardice and indifference in the face of gross wrong doing

2) The paternalistic culture of Africa with its entrenched states of denial and unquestioning deference to those in power no matter how bad / destructive they are,

3) The short-sighted life aspirations of many Zimbabweans solely based on chasing the fraudulent ideal of Western capitalist consumer culture and material gain. A mindset which lacks any sense of long term national vision,

4) A corrupt religious dogma that asks the bloodied and starved masses to shun brains and common sense, in favour of raising money and waiting for Jesus to come and solve their maltreatment

5) A misused socialist ideology that has systematically spread fear in the populace by treating all civil and human rights as enemies of the State ,

6) A conniving and manipulative neo-liberal doctrine of passivity and ‘NON-VIOLENT STRUGGLE’ against all vicious dictatorship.

You are left with a critical mass within the population wholly incapable, unwilling and unable to cope with the forces of tyranny and dictatorship ranged against them.

The NEO-LIBERAL take over of the Zimbabwean struggle under the guise of certain colours of DEMOCRATIC FORCES is especially vicious as it forms the back bone of political opposition to the DICTATORSHIP and thus should be carefully noted.

Here CORPORATIST INTERSTS have sold the lie that Zimbabwe’s crisis is all about ECONOMICS rather than a power struggle against TYRANNY, in the form of the people of Zimbabwe versus an incompetent and errant guerrilla movement that took all the trappings of governance without having any real skills or abilities to govern beyond the imposition of brute force. And foreign powers that have funded figures and groups in Zimbabwe to oppose the so called government (DICTATORSHIP).

In this ill-shaped paradigm physical self defense by the Zimbabwe population against regime brutality is tarred as a NEGATIVE and is called VIOLENCE. Not natural defiance to a life threatening event, or self defense.

Thus in Zimbabwe all protest is promoted under the unnatural and unrealistic banner of understanding regime brutality or NON-VIOLENCE, not because the advocates believe in peace, nor because of the lie they tell that people fighting back against DICTATORSHIP will increase Zimbabwe’s suffering…

MURAMBATSVINA was not resisted by the so called opposition, because it was a money spinner in terms of donor funds and the retail value on all the cleared land in prime urban development spots. Zimbabwean refugees make cheap labour for the SADC economies and allow for all kinds of NGOs to get paid.

After nearly 10 years of destruction no genuine opposition to the DICTATORSHIP exists, no NEW LEADERSHIP with new solutions has been pushed to emerge, just the same dead wood. Any who have tried to put forward new ideas have met a ‘brick wall’ of indifference and hidden agendas within these so called DEMOCRATIC GROUPS.

So why is it that the idea of non- violent protest (no self defense in the face of the DICTATORSHIP’S brutality), being touted as the only answer when it has proved to be so ineffectual?

Because a passive population will not QUESTION the SICK DIVERSION being staged at their expense, nor resist the inevitable corporate take over when the ZANU / OPPOSITION political hegemony arrives, as the SOLUTION to all their woes, whereas a militant population properly lead will do so.

These so called DEMOCRATIC FORCES set themselves up as THE ANSWER for the people, yet offer only compromise when the crisis requires TOTAL OVERTHROW of the CORRUPT SYSTEM and replacement with a genuinely progressive alternative.

Time and again they have been exposed as inept thinkers who have received millions in donor funds but who have created naught.

No honest national plan, or policies or liberation strategies, or social safety net.
Just a program of corporate looting called reconstruction created from the political / economic interests of their foreign backers.

In short these are agents, political middle men, a new breed of paid bureaucrats and overseers for foreign corporate masters hoping to use severe national collapse and increased public suffering and death and desperation as a means to seize political power and gain its associated economic perks....(the Zimbabwean economy will remain foreign owned and controlled).



David said...

ARMED STRUGGLE is hardly ever the answer.

I totally agree with the need to get rid of, over throw, and yes even to bring to TRIAL Robert Mugabe for crimes agisnt humanity.

But if there is an armed 'struggle' please answer these questions:

(1)Who will do it?

(2) Where will they get the funding for their weapons etc from? From China? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? North Korea? Libya? Zambia? Mocambique?
And what 'price' will they apy for these weapons.

(3) Will they fight open warfare against a trained army? Mugabe with his millions of stashed loot can afford some of the best foreign military hirelings available.

(4) Will it be querilla (terrorist) warfare? Inevitably, the whole population becomes targeted, just as in the former 'liberation struggle' against the so-called 'Smith regime' where thousands and thousands of ordinary (and black) law-abiding citizens were terrorized by Mugabe's cronies in an attempt to mobilize them when they were inert — it escalated allright.

(5) When the smoke finally clears let say you did get rid of Mugabe, what then? Are you sure you have not just paved the way for a new younger version of Mugabe?

SORRY TO TOTALLY DISAGREE, but ARMED STRUGGLE is not the only option left.

If you did not discount and disparage your CREATOR, as I fear too many of the 'movers' in Zimbabwe are doing, maybe if you had not put your trust in men whose breath is still in their nostrils, but had sought GOD with ALL your heart and soul, and humbled your self before HIM, then the situation would not be what it is today?

350 years ago, OLIVER CROMWELL eventually became the leader of the opposition to King Charles who had done to England far less than what Mugabe has doen to Zimbabwe. Civil war brought victory and freedom from a despotic ruler then. But I believe that first of all, CROMWELL had the blessing of God upon his life, and that is what made the difference!

My FRIEND, I also long for the news that the end of this unbearable tryranny will come as soon as can be. But just as clearly I believe that first of all be reconciled and at peace with your CREATOR, it is even more important — and without His blessing, only mor emisery will ensue. Thank you.

gabriel said...

I wish to ask the contributor a few simple questions...
1)why does he think the creator of the article or anyone else would be ready for armed struggle if they are so foolish as to answer his numbered questions.
2)When he states that GOD helped Cromwell is he aware of his contradiction seeing as the English had to fight...GOD did nothing...beyond rest in the imagination of eternal do nothings who sit and pray for water to drink rather than walk to the river with a bucket.
3)Multiply DAVID by 10 MILLION and you have the reason why evil people rule Zimbabwe...because individuals have no courage, no anger or indignation or real faith...They sit waiting for others to act and make sacrifices...then they will give all the credit to an imaginary god Zimbabwe that was brought to Zimbabwe by colonialists with guns ...Yes Zimbabwe will be free, however it wont be freed by people that place their personal safety above the future of the nation oh what would JESUS think of the fools and cowards that pretend to have faith in righteousness but who are scared to meet their maker??/.

Some people can lack personal courage and hide cowardice behind a wall of fake reason and timidity and the cynicism of a doubting Thomas but they will be the same ones who will not do anything while Zimbabwe goes to hell.

David said...

(1) You still have not ansered my questions, nontheless
(2) If the writer hasnt asked those questions, never mind attempted to come up with real answers, he certainly is foolish.
(3) Of courser they had to fight. But you missed the point. Instead of mocking belief in your Creator, I emphasized that you should be first of all RIGHT with Him before you decide to fight. The "GOD", whom you said, "did nothing" in fact controls all things, and our destinies are in His hands. And because of godless attitudes like yours, this country has come unto this in the first place.
(4) Multiply by 10 million all the GODLESS and wicked terrorists (excuse me 'freedom fighters!!)buddies who brought Mugabe into power by the barrel of a gun? You voted for men who were brutal murderers (against black AND white), and what do you expect? You were quite happy to have a murderer (Terrorist Chief)as your president as long as things went well. Long term, what did you expect? Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.


I suggest that this debate be taken to a clearer site ie .

You can use fictitious names but let it be more conspicuous.

Thank you.

M S Hove...Rev.